There are many words that are literally translated from the original language. This article contains spoilers from the latest chapter of the Chinese version comic.

Sang Ran
Race Human (Terran Monk)
Gender Female
Hair Color Cyan
Eye Color Cyan
Enemies Feng Lian Wan
Professional Status
Occupations Terran Monk
Weapons Whip and Arrays
Status Alive
First Appearance Chapter 8

Sang Ran is a member of the Xuan Ji Sect and a major antagonist of the series.

She was born to an important family, but has a difficult social status due to being the illegitimate daughter of a lowly maid.

But contrary to appearances, she is well connected, well informed, and considerably more dangerous and malevolent than she lets on.

Her specialty lies in creating arrays, allowing her to set magical traps.

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She is seemingly a timid and easily bullied girl with a gentle demeanor. But in truth, this is all an act.

She is actually a scheming treacherous manipulator. She feels no gratitude for all of the help Feng Lian Wan has given her, and if anything feels envy towards her for having several things she has been wanting for herself. When putting her true personality on display, her face reveals little emotion. As malevolent as she is, she has a habit of telling her victims that they are to blame for her misdeeds.

Despite being an illegitimate child, she is, if anything, even more disdainful of commoners than her sisters.

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Feng Lian Wan ~ Feng Lian Wan takes an interest in her due to her having the same name as a friend from back home. She protects Sang Ran from her half-sisters' bullying and treats her as a close friend.

Sang Ran pretended to reciprocate, but quietly felt envy towards her for becoming Master Mu's disciple while she couldn't. Wanting Feng Lian Wan's divine mirror for herself, she eventually enacts a successful plot to take away everything from her. She kills off many of Feng Lian Wan's close friends in the process and frames her for their murders, making Feng Lian Wan into a fugitive.

For Sang Ran's betrayal, Feng Lian Wan devotes her life to getting revenge.

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