There are many words that are literally translated from the original language. This article contains spoilers from the latest chapter of the Chinese version comic.

BaiLiKongCheng (Thunder Spirits Roots)
Chinese 百里空城
Pin Yin Bǎi lǐ kōngchéng
Alias/s Young Master (by his servants)
Kong'er (by Ci Ning)
Senior/Brother BaiLi
Race Human (Terran Monk)
Gender Male
Age 17 (Assumed)
Hair Color Violet
Eye Color Lavender Purple
Love Interest Feng Lian Wan (Possible)
Friends Feng Lian Wan
Han Ying Zhong (Senior)
Ci Ning (Master)
Enemies Sang Ran
Professional Status
Occupations Terran Monk
Weapons Sword and Talismans
Class Rebuild-Level 2
Affiliations Sword Summit Sect of Xuan Ji (Former)
Status Active
First Appearance Chapter 8

BaiLi KongCheng AKA KongCheng is a mysterious character appears in the series. His background remained a mystery as he enrolled in the Xuan Ji Sect, and became a student of the Sword Summit Sect.

During his encounter with Feng Lian Wan at the Red Flames Cave, he starts to take an interest in her as he knows a lot of her "secrets". Every time they meet each other, they always end up in an argument but still their relationship is very good.

In Chapter 97, Xiao Wan was shocked to see KongCheng was one of Sang Ran's allies so she jumps off from the cliff to the Purgatory Canyon. He wants to save her but was stopped by his men and taken back to his homeland, Cang Qi Continent.

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